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Immediately gaining exposure to trial and appellate courts in states throughout the country, Scott has gained more experience in eleven years than many lawyers accumulate in a lifetime.  Reflecting on how such an immense background shapes his current practice, one key principle stands out: You may gain a client with knowledge or skill, but you keep them by earning their trust and maintaining their confidence.  As Scott himself will tell you, “this can only be accomplished by treating individual matters with individual respect; by conducting a detailed evaluation of the factual and legal threads that comprise every case; by putting honesty and economic sensibility ahead of spin and rhetoric; and by recognizing that each client’s case is significant.”  

When asked about his initial interest in the legal profession, Scott recalls first stepping into the courthouses of the small rural Missouri town where he was raised.  “I grew up in a family that worked at the courthouse every day.  Having the change to see an actual trial at just eight years old - it was truly awe inspiring.  That experience certainly stayed with me.”  Now a tenured trial and appellate attorney, Scott handles high stakes commercial matters from coast to coast.  As Head of Litigation and Lead Trial Counsel for The Voss Law Firm, he has been involved in hundreds of matters, involving tens of millions of dollars in heated controversy.  Consistently aware that these cases impact the entire livelihood of his clients’ families and businesses, Scott relishes the opportunity to help commercial owners and individuals alike, to rebuild their businesses and restart their lives.  

Based upon the values and principles that guide The Voss Law Firm, as well as its track record for success, Scott’s level of confidence is understandable. “Bill Voss and I have had an incredible opportunity to represent hundreds of business owners and families in very personal and traumatic circumstances.  We deeply value our clients’ confidence, and embrace the chance to guide them through some of the most important and difficult matters they will ever face.”  Acting as a consummate pillar of professionalism, confidence and strength in the legal community, Scott Hunziker and the attorneys at The Voss Law Firm stand ready to assist with your personal legal issue.  Simply put: It’s what they do - and at the highest level.

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